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For today we have to talk about the things we like as an assigment on Writing 101. Instantly I though about autumn, and since I’m a bit of an autumn addict, I’m talking all about 10 Things I Like About Autumn Fashion.

1. Lets start with jackets. I absolutely can’t wait for jacket weather as soon as September starts! I love coats, blazers, denim jackets and on and on and on. I just can’t get enough of them and the milion ways that I can  wear them.

2. Now shoes, I love them I love every kind of shoe there is (well, no, not reeeeeally every kind, but I like to think about how I’d wear the ones I don’t like if I really had to) and if I could, I would buy tons! As for autumn shoes I love wearing ankle boots and sneakers, but I find boots a bit classier.
3. Hats…  Lately I have been in love with hats. I always loved beanies but then I found out that other hats exist (duuh!) and therefore I discovered a whole new world of things to think about. Not that I think about things to wear all day, mind you. I think that they can really make a look a lot better.

4. I don’t really use make up a lot but I just saw a video yesterday where Zoella did an autumn make up look and I was in love with it. There is something about those darker colours that makes me love it even more. Especially the berry lips. Eyeshadow, lipsticks, everything looks like shades of fallen leaves.
5. I love skirts all year round but this specific skirt I absolutly adore. Autumn is all about orange and brown toned things, so obviously this skirt with a pair of ankle boots would make for an amazing look.

6. Even though I love the skirts I also love wearing non-skirts, let them be jeans or shorts or whatever. Until a year or so ago I never wore black. I just did not like the colour. Sooo silly of me! But now I absolutely love it. I love jeans but I discoverd that everyone needs a pair of black jeans, because for me they make a look go from nice aaaall the way to amazing.
7. So on to accessories. I love the fact that scarves have patterns and you can style them whith absolutely every outfit.
8.Then umbrellas, not every one likes to take an umbrella with them but I really like the rainy season which for me means autumn and more tea. Which clearly leads to umbrellas. I know people think they’re such a fuss, but if you learn to love them, and also learn to give it a bit of thought when you buy one, you’ll discover the umbrella magic I’m talking about. I found these on Pinterest and I would love to own them since the pattern is amazing.
9. I really can’t wait for sweater weather! I love sweaters and the way that I can layer them with shirts and dresses.
10. Last but not least tights. I know it is weird (is it though? Naah, not too weird) and all but I really like them and I can really buy tights in every colour and every cute pattern there is and style them as well as I can.

Thanks for reading this even though it was a bit longer than my usual post,



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