Goals and inspiration


Today I want to share my assignment about Blogging 201 and Writing 101. For Blogging 201 we had to tell people why we’re doing this and set three concrete goals; as for Writing 101 we have to tell people where we like to write and stuff. The main question is why do I blog? I blog because I noticed (and everyone around me did as well) that I pay attention to what I wear quite a bit. And little by little fashion became one of my main hobbies, so I thought about creating a blog. (I talked about this in another post if you want to check out this link). So I just blog for fun.

So setting the three goals now:
1. See what more I can do to reach more people and bloggers.
2. Spend more time visiting other blogs, finding inspiration from others.
3. Not miss Wednesday’s post (since I always post on a Wednesday)

About where I like to write and where I find inspiration, the answer is in different places. I always write at home since I’m very comfortable laying in my bed in my own room with my own privacy. And where I find inspiration, that is mostly online watching other bloggers or fashion shows by my favourite designers. And it is one of my favourite time of the year for fashion now since I’m loving the fashion weeks and I can’t wait for London, Milan and Paris. Which I would really want to attend one day, one of my huge dreams.


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