Dresses, capes, shoes… Oh my!

Hello everyone! Long time no see.

I could not post last week because of personal reasons and had absolutely no time to take pictures of outfits or write a post. This week though I wanted to make a post about my favourite looks from the last Fashion Weeks. My favourite designers are Burberry and Valentino which always make the runway an absolute wonder to watch. But except for those two, I have featured my favourite look from Vera Wang, Victoria Beckham, favourite details from Calvin Klein etc.

First up Burberry. I really liked everything they had, especially the jackets and bags. I liked the combination of colours, like the gold and black of the jackets and the cream dresses. But I was not a big fan of the shoes. Still, who wouldn’t love to own one of those backpacks? *silence* Yep, exactly! We’d all love them!

Burberry Prorsum RTW Spring 2016 Burberry Prorsum RTW Spring 2016 5 6 7

Now my favourite shoes were from Calvin Klein. I love these so much, I can’t even begin to explain. I like the black ones, the white ones, and would probably like them in red, yellow, green, grey, and flaming hot pink as well. Okay, maybe not the pink. (Definitely not the pink. Sorry.)


I always loved Valentino’s stuff and this time that didn’t change. I loved the bags the dresses, and the… well, simply everything. The theme too. But my favourite look was the little black dress.
9 10 11 12 13

On other news (*tries to put Valentino to the back of the mind*, *fails horribly*), there were these two dresses from Zuhair Murad. They were absolutely stunning, especially the one on the longer one. Then this dress from Victoria Beckham, which has got this lovely shape and pattern. Same thing goes for Adeam. This dress was pretty and the shape of it was really interesting in a very good way. You know, sometimes “interesting” doesn’t mean good, so thought I’d stress the difference. And finally this little black Vera Wang dress. It had the right amount of skin showing and then, obviously, it’s blackness. I mean, don’t you feel like you’d be wearing an infinite abyss as a dress? Sure looks like it! Then there’s that other one. Ugh! Can they all stop making me love those dresses already? (Please don’t stop!)
Zuhair Murad


Victoria Beckham

Vera Wang
14 15


P.S. Also I’m making some changes on the blog because I’m going to start posting on Mondays since I find it is much better so looking forward to that.


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