Christmas Wishlist

The holiday season is upon us (kind of…haha) I wanted to start making posts about Christmas time and what a better way to start than with a wish list. I don’t really need all of these stuff but I would love to receive them for the holidays, but this can also be an inspiration for you. I really love Christmas time.And I mostly love decorating the house and buying gifts for other people. We don’t really celebrate Christmas but to my family New Year is like the same thing. I can’t wait for the morning after New Year to wake up and share the gifts with each other, drink some hot chocolate whilst watching the amazing Vienna Philharmonic.

1. One of the first things I chose is the Button front skirt. I really love this skirt and I can think of a million ways to style it in a matter of a second. I like the denim one a lot but I love the suede one too. Find here.
2. The simply most amazing shoes/sneakers that you can dress it with absolutely anything. I love the black ones, the dark red ones and the navy blue ones. Simply every single colour.


3. What I really need is an agenda to really get my things together and plan my blog posts, my classes and everything.


  1. I have started getting more and more into beanies this year. I have some of them but what I would like is a grey knit beanie. I just think it’s very easy to style and you can wear it with everything. Find here 
    45. I consider my style very minimalistic and I really love simple black things. I would like receiving a watch since I think it is a great gift for both genders. I really love this Swatch one as a cheaper option and this dezeen as a more luxurious one. Swatch and dezeen.55,26. I think it’s really fun to own a onesie since they are very comfortable and a great excuse to stay in your pj’s all day. Find here67. These are two jackets I wanted for years now. A simple leather jacket or a suede one. I just think it is a thing everyone needs in their wardrobe and that it would never go out of style. Leather and Suede.77.28. I really love reading and I would love to own some fashion books like IT from Alexa Chung. Since I love her style and everything about her.


    9. A thing that I know everyone wants are jumpers. You can never go wrong with buying a jumper for someone, since they’re always needed.


    10. Also a must have for the winter time are scarves and I love them because they just make an outfit way classier. Find here.


    11. Slippers are things that I did own before and I would love to have them again this year. They are just so comfortable. It’s like walking on pillows haha.Find here.

    12. Another book is any Jamie Oliver book. Since I love baking and cooking and Jamie Oliver is one of the best out there.


    13. This is one thing I would love to have, but I don’t think are very convenient. But they’re an awesome one piece outfit. Find here.

    14. I also saw this amazing wallet in Mango that I would love owning because it is very practical and just so beautiful.Find here.

    15. Last but not least the adorable mittens that I saw another blogger wearing (Fishnets and rainbows) and instantly fell in love with them. They look so warm and very needed for the very cold days we get during winter.Find here.


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