Guide to button skirt.

One of my favourite skirts to style is a button skirt. That is why I chose this to be todays post. I do own one and the reason that you haven’t seen it yet is because it was a gift and the size is a bit larger than the ones I usually wear (sad, I know). I chose this one from Urban Outfitters that I really liked, very similar to mine (which is from Primark) and it is a lot cheaper. This one is very lovely indeed, though a bit expensive.

1What I always liked is to style this skirt with jumpers. As I was looking through Asos I saw this amazing chunky sweater in grey that I thought would be perfect to pair the skirt (maybe a black one?) with and tuck it in a bit. Lovelyyyy!
As you know my favourite shoe brand is Vagabond. So I was eyeing these shoes for a while now because I love them so much, though these too, I think, are a bit expensive. What can we regular people do… So for this outfit these would look perfect and are so unique and amazing, and I think I’m running out of wonderful adjectives here. Also for more of a feminine look you can wear the over the knee flat boots, which would also look very good.

What I also like in the winter time are blanket scarves. This scarf is amazing with this outfit since it adds a pop of colour but not too much since the colour is pretty dark, and very well suited for the winter days.
For my favourite part now, the coats. I loved both of them so I had to put them both here. The grey one, I think, is more likely to look good with the knee boots, while the navy one you can wear with the Vagabond shoes. If you’re one of the lucky, lucky ones to have them, that is.

This is all for today, and hope you enjoyed this clothes-filled heaven. J



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