From Paris With Love

pageHi guys.
Yes it is me writing a midweek post… I know… I wanted to talk about the amazing Valentino show in Paris.I really loved every single outfit and every detail on those outfits.Though I must say it was very hard for me to choose some of those outfits from all those looks. I always loved ballet and this show was all I’ve dreamed about all this time.

To make this easier I decided to come up with 4 sections.
The first one is the blacks.
I very hardly narrowed them to four looks. I really love all of these, and every single detail just makes the look more perfect. Also those shoes are amazing and loved that they, as well, were very ballet inspired.

Now the nudes.
I really loved the shapes and the right amount and way of putting glitter. The layering of the skirt with the turtleneck is something I believe is brilliantly put together.
A thing I really liked was the little ribbon put on their waists on both outfits, it’s one of those little details that amaze you with the simplicity.  Also since I already mentioned the amazing shoes once, let’s just admire the perfection of the bags.

On to the colourful patterned nudes.
I really loved these with the amazing colours and the amazing patterns, also the shapes of the dresses with the deep v-s or the sheer turtleneck, this one is always a win, I think.
Also the amazing nude coat…. AMAZING.

What I really liked was that in some parts of the show there were these other fabrics like the velvet dress that was stunning, then the off the shoulders dress that just made the collection even better. And I don’t want to forget about the hair and makeup that was simply amazing. And of course something that caught my eye were their tights. I really love tights and I have not seen other designers using them. When I saw them in Valentino I really liked them. It just seemed to make the entire models look more similar to ballerinas.


P.S. I would really wear every single piece myself.
For more go check out Valentino’s official website  🙂


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