Where the music takes you.




Hat : Asos | Sunglasses : Six and H&M | Wallet : LC Waikiki | Bag : David Jones |

One thing I thought that might help all of us pack for a festival is to remind ourselves of the essentials we need to take with us. So here are some tips on what to pack.

A hat and sunglasses I think you need not only to look good but also to protect you from the many hours that you’ll spend in the sun, for which you’ll absolutely need, in every scenario, and to use every single day, some sunblock.

One thing you should not forget is your wallet with your ID, the tickets, and obviously some money. What I love about my wallet is that it has lots of space so you can fit quite a few things.

If you are going to spend some days at the festival you should bring a deodorant and a moisturizer as well. This Victoria Secret one that I have, not only does it do its job amazingly, but it also it smells incredible.

As for the bag you want to take, I prefer backpacks since I think it’s more appropriate so you have your hands free.

Also you need to take chopsticks or in my case lip butters. I really love these Body Shop ones that really help to keep your lips hydrated and soft despite the blazing sun of the summer days.

For a more accessory-ish purpose, I would suggest bandanas. They’re pretty, in any colour you like, and very useful if it’s windy or you just simply want to make your outfit look even better.

Still, wear whatever you feel like wearing, love every minute of it, and go there for the music.

Hope you enjoyed this post and see you next week.



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