Gift Guide for Her

erzaHi everyone!

Being in the Christmas spirit, I thought I’d start the Christmas posts with a Gift Guide for the women in our lives. I have seen a lot of guides like this going around, so I thought I’d do one as well, hopefully helping somebody pick a gift for their loved ones.

Starting with a thing that most people love and just makes our bedroom look great is a simple throw blanket. I love things like this and I find it would be a great gift for the one of the most important people in our lives, our mothers. I mean, how on Earth won’t this look amazing during any season? throw

Next is a thing everyone needs and loves, and in my opinion an amazing gift too. I spend a lot of time in my PJs since they’re the thing we feel the cosiest in. Except for you lovely aliens out there who get out of PJs and into clothes the minute you wake up. Kudos to you all! So these PJs from Woman’s Secret look like the cosiest thing ever, so go get ‘em!pj

One thing I know people love receiving for Christmas are books. I chose some amazing books that I thought would be perfect for this season (and any other, for that matter, because Harry Potter). I’ve started this with the Harry Potter Illustrated books that are the new go-to for any Potter fan. I have them and I love going through the illustrations and reading them again, the ultimate perfect gift for any Potterhead. Raise your wands if you agree! My wand’s a laurel and phoenix feather, but that’s a story for another time. And next, for people who love cooking, Jamie Oliver’s new Christmas cook book looks like the perfect kitchen guide and would surely make any food aficionado jump for joy.

Another thing I love to receive and also give as a gift in any occasion is mugs. There is something really delightfully special about them. I chose two just because it was very hard for me to separate these. SOOO CUTE!
Mug 1Mug 2

Something that is very useful are notebooks. And there are a lot to choose from, but these marble ones are just to die for. Go fill them with notes, or scribbles, or even just doodles!


I really love Zara fragrances, and I don’t see a lot of people using them around here for some reason. It makes for a very affectionate gift for a close person. As long as you’re relatively sure they’ll like the scent, that is. Though in my opinion it’s hard not to like these ones.

Obviously I had to feature clothes in this post.

I’ll start with the dress probably every girl will want. I think it is quite special since you can wear it in any season and either dress it up or down.dress

And then this blanket scarf to use during winter, sometimes even as a warm hug.scarf

I fell in love with these bras/gym wear from Zara. They are simple and beautiful, and easy, and comfortable, and maybe they could inspire you to get out of bed and exercise a little? If not, who cares. Make some tea, lie down, and enjoy a good book.

Nude bra Black bra.

Jumpers are a thing I’d love to find under the tree, and so will everyone, since among other things, they qualify as a warm hug too. And the designs are incredible!
Obviously I had to feature a hat here. Most of the time they’re not too expensive, and have such an effect on the whole look.hat

To end this gift guide I decided to feature two bags that are great for everyday looks and party outfits too.

Bag 1 Bag 2

Hope you enjoyed this post. And if you want me to do a “Gift Guide for Him”, be sure to leave it in the comments below.

Love and happy times,



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