In Style.


Hey guys!

This post is about what I take to be the new 2017 fashion trends. I did my share of research and fell in love with so many things! I am already loving what 2017 is going to bring to us.I wanted to make this more of a street style trends sort of thing, and show everyone (myself included) ways we could improve our daily style. Watching the latest Haute Couture and high end fashion shows, I was so impressed and just blown away from the amazing job a lot of the designers are doing. My favourite shop until now (and I think will always be) is Zara. They were always good but they just upped their game so much more this season, making me want EVERYTHING from there.

2017 is bringing lots of patterns and colours that I think we need after a very dark and gloomy winter. The amazing flowery patterns and the bright colours are going to overpower the stores. But at the same time there are these see through mesh kind of clothes that are going to be the layering heaven! I love that graphic T-shirts are going to be around a little longer since I’ve got many of those with bands I love. I’d wear them anyway, but you know… As for shoes, probably most of you saw the new puma sneakers that are to die for. Another shoe trend are boots that have a chunky heel. I’ve seen those everywhere but these Zara ones are embroidered which takes boots to a whole other level.
Another thing fashion is bringing back are sleeves. Believe it or not, I find that an outfit looks so much better with unusual sleeves. I was about to forget the amazing new trend on fishnets though! Who would have thought I would like fishnets, but WOW! Both fishnets tights and fishnet socks are in and I adore them. Especially if you want to wear them with jeans and sneakers! Go for it!

Also, guys, don’t forget the classic dress pants! Wool pants can fit into anyone’s closet, since this year is the time for you all to wear them any way you like, be it shirts, jumpers, suits, and lovely jackets. Don’t forget to check these out at Bonobos. Love them!

The colours and patterns are going to keep surprising us this year, in my opinion, giving everyone a chance to explore their taste, mix and match a lot more, and let their personality shine through. I could talk forever about this but the pictures are worth a thousand words (each, I guess), so enjoy, and don’t forget to tell me what you all think this year’s staples are going to be for you!


5580503420_9_1_12513020800_1_1_1Embroidered Tulle Shirtmesh-dressMesh Dressdress2Pinstripe DressdressRed Dressasymmetrical-dressAsymmetrical Dresssleeves8365440512_2_1_1
Printed Kimono 7891433800_2_2_1Oversize Bomber Jacket mom-jeans
Top Shop Jeans
Striped Shorts
Tommy Hilfiger T-shirtt-shirt-2
Rolling Stones T-shirt shoesEmbroidered Bootsshoes-2Puma Sneakers socks
Vans  Socks


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