Gifts II

Hello everyone! It was about time to tell you what I got for New Years this year. I did not expect to get this many gifts though! As you can see 90% of the gifts are clothes. They were exactly what I needed for the spring time. (Can’t wait for spring, to be honest). I … Continue reading Gifts II

Fairy Lights: II

I have been waiting to post these pictures on the blog for such a long time, and finally the time has come.The Holidays are the most wonderful time of the year, and the best way to celebrate them is doing fun things with people you love. I invited my best friend over and we had … Continue reading Fairy Lights: II

Who mentioned New Year’s Eve?

It’s almost 2016! One of the best holidays that I celebrate. In my family we celebrate New Year just like other people celebrate Christmas. We make an amazing dinner with turkey and everything and have a wonderful time, for which we get all dressed up. I wanted to share two ideas that can maybe help … Continue reading Who mentioned New Year’s Eve?

Christmas Flea Market

There’s a very exciting thing happening in my city this week. A couple weeks back I saw that there is going to be a second flea market, and this time it was like a little Christmas market which made the whole city even more festive. There were a lot of good things, and I especially … Continue reading Christmas Flea Market

Heavenly Truffles

Everybody knows that Christmas is nothing without the food. Even if you just feel like making popcorn, drizzle some chocolate and ground ginger over them. Go on, you know you want to! So I decided to post these amazing truffles from a while back because I thought they’d make a mouth-watering Christmas time thing. I … Continue reading Heavenly Truffles