Silken Dystopia

Hi guys! Back this year with a simple but very cool outfit to match the cool tones of the uncharacteristically dystopian winter. This silk dress is just amazingly easy to style, adding to the fact that it could be styled differently throughout all the seasons. For winter and as you can see it here, I … Continue reading Silken Dystopia

Radiant Rose x Anker by Sahatçiu

This end of the year brings another collaboration with the ever-lovely Anker by Sahatçiu! A thing I have always loved, as you do, were watches. But honestly now, how many watches does a person get to own and wear in a year?! So you gotta pick 'em well, friends! See what works with the rest … Continue reading Radiant Rose x Anker by Sahatçiu

Hints of Indigo x Anker Sahatçiu

Hey guys! Coming this week with a very exiting collaboration. I was always a huge watch fan and since I was a kid i always asked my mom for watches. My first real watch I got for my 17th birthday and had it ever since. I was always a fan of this little corner shop … Continue reading Hints of Indigo x Anker Sahatçiu

The Dress

Hey there, Yellow has been one of the most worn colours for this season and I've always been in love with it. So you can only imagine my happiness when walking in the store and seeing a lot of yellow clothes. So I found one of the most beautiful dresses that is really easy to … Continue reading The Dress