Sundown Blues

Hi there. Hope everyone is doing well in these globally difficult days. I know that staying in quarantine is quite hard, but it's so important at the same time, so let's all resist a little while longer so we make sure to be able to fully enjoy summer. In my attempt to make these days … Continue reading Sundown Blues

Modernism Blues

After some time I finally got the pictures from the photoshoot I did with the amazing Krenare Rugova. Back when I had long hair. Wow, time does fly! There is another post with pictures from this photoshoot but I seriously couldn't wait to see these ones too. And wow, was it worth the wait! I … Continue reading Modernism Blues

A Street-Style Romance

Hey guys! This is going to be the last post from my collaboration with Besë (sad, I know). This was the outfit/photos/post that I liked most from this collaboration, so I saved it for last. When I was in her studio and she was showing me her creations, I fell in love with this organza … Continue reading A Street-Style Romance

Black & White.

Another outfit from my collaboration with the amazing Besë. This time I am wearing an amazing black and white plaid dress that really impressed me when I saw it first. I love this dress, it looks amazing on, but most importantly it is incredibly comfortable! The pattern reminds me of another dress I used to … Continue reading Black & White.


It is starting to get colder and I am loving it. I really love a simple black outfit on a simple and cozy day out. I paired my black jeans with two black tops, of course, in layers, because why not. I love wearing coats with sneakers even though I can't do that very often … Continue reading Layers