Golden Season

Latley I've seen quite a few people wearing plissé (pleated skirts) and I fell in love with them all over again. I really wanted a pleated skirt just so I could style it because I had so many ideas on how to do that. Since we are still transitioning to colder days and it is … Continue reading Golden Season


Hey everyone, I have been loving they way that band t-shirts are so in style lately. I always loved wearing them and just styling them in general. I have quite a few of them in my closet but there is never enough is there. So I really wanted to wear my new flared pants but … Continue reading Spiders


Hi everyone! From the beginning of summer I have been loving slip on dresses. I could not find one that I liked but I found the same thing just shorts (even better right?). I have been wearing them nonstop this summer and styling them has been one of my favourite things. I saw it in … Continue reading Layers

In the woods somewhere.

  Hey everyone! This week I thought I’d make a post about a simpler, more casual outfit. About a week ago the weather changed and it was quite cold. So I wore a pair of jeans that I actually missed and a simple more bohemian blouse. I love wearing simple outfits like this one since … Continue reading In the woods somewhere.

Good Day Sunshine

I'm Wearing: Hat - Asos | Dress - LC Waikiki | Shoes : Vagabond | Earring - DIY Hey everyone, this week I’m back with an outfit that I think will really work for summer days and maybe a festival too. I love wearing dresses like this one. They are loose and very comfortable. As … Continue reading Good Day Sunshine